Thursday, November 11, 2010


We've had a few moments in the last couple of days where I've been able to capture pictures of the kids sleeping.  I love to watch boys when they are sleeping.  They are so still, peaceful, and just serene - not very much like when they are awake...

Here's Connor when he was in our bed one morning.  This is very rare, but for whatever reason, he woke up at 4am one day and he was scared of something and I could tell he wasn't going to go back to his bed without a meltdown, so I just pulled him up into our bed.  Although I don't mind having him sleep with us (because it hardly ever happens - something really scared him), that usually means one or both of us doesn't sleep for the rest of the night because we get kicked and slapped and pushed, etc.  That was also the case this night, but he looked so darn cute in the morning, I even had to take a picture.

And then there's Tyler, who is too old to admit when he's tired now, and would rather just fall asleep wherever he is in the evening.  Tonight he pulled the old rocking chair into the middle of the living room (that he never would let me rock him in when he was little) and ended up falling asleep in it when I took Connor to bed.  He kept telling me "Mommy, can I stay up if I'm good and just sit here?", so I told him okay.  I think he was asleep in that chair by 8:15.  Perfect. 
 And then I pulled the covers off of him, and even thought about moving him when it got later and I needed to put him in bed.  He looked so darn comfy in his jammies that I didn't want to touch him.  I did end up carrying him back to his room, but decided I'm going to buy him more of those long underwear that he wears as jammies, because I even want them.
I love my boys, all the time.  When they are sleeping I get to see a side of them that I sometimes forget.  The innocence.  The complete and total calm that comes with a child.  And just the total love you have for them.

It's nice to be reminded every once in a while, about what is really important...