Wednesday, July 30, 2008

That's my boy!

Tonight I was outside with Tyler sitting on the porch, and we were just messing around on the computer which is what we sometimes do. He loves to watch Iowa Hawkeye videos on YouTube, and especially watch the entrance of the Football Team to the game.

As I was playing one of the videos, AC/DC's Back in Black came on. That is the song that plays in Kinnick Stadium when the Hawkeye Football Team walks from the locker room to the football field.

"That's my song", Tyler said.

"What?", I responded, with a grin...

"That's my song", Tyler said again, "that's always going to be my song, even when I'm a football player for the Hawkeye Football Team!".

That's my boy! At 3 years old, he has already set his sights on playing for the Hawkeyes. Now I just need to set his sights on Draft Day, and which team will pick him for their first pick!

(We watched the video below tonight. He even pointed out one of the football players and told me "Mommy, that's me!")

Monday, July 28, 2008

Trucks and Dirt

It was amazing to me to see the boys playing outside this past weekend with trucks and dirt. They played with them just as intently as I used to play with Barbies. My sister and I would sit for hours and change their clothes, and make them walk around, etc. The boys did just that - pushed trucks for hours and hours and hours.

Thanks to the City for not sodding the hole they dug last fall to fix our broken water line - for the third time. It's because of them not doing their job, that my boys have been able to enjoy hours of entertainment!

Although - I did also learn that a one year old can put a chunk of dirt in his mouth faster than you can say "STOP!", and it quickly turns to gooey-mud!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Imagine This...

I'm sitting out on my front stoop - drinking a beer.

My year old son is running around outside with only a diaper on.

My 3 year old has his pants down around his ankles and is peeing in the yard. I told him it was okay.

Then our neighbors drive by in their minivan, on their way to church. They wave.

Yep - we're classy, I tell ya. Pure class.

Monday, July 21, 2008


I think that is about all I can say right now about this day. It seems as things just keep spiraling further and further out of control - and pretty soon I'm just going to explode. I can handle one or a couple of the things that get thrown at me, but everything all at the same time is getting ridiculous.

I guess I've always been a very strong person. I'm too stubborn to give up, admit defeat, or let someone else get me down. I think that is how I've made it to where I am, put up with what I have, and can deal with what I am dealt. Believe me, my life isn't horrible by any means. I have a good job at a stable company, a healthy family and a house that wasn't touched by the recent floods.

So, why should I complain? Because I need to. I need to cry UNCLE. I need to say stop.

Work is insane. My office is a disaster, and e-mails fly at me all day long like a ticker for the stock market. I dash home every night to see my beautiful healthy children, to get met at daycare with "he had a horrible blow out today, are you sure he's okay", and then "Tyler had a horrible day, he wouldn't listen, was mean to his friends, and was very bad.". And tonight is golf night - which means we are short one person to keep any sanity in the house. Great.

Fortunately, my parents are in town today for a Dr. appointment. I'm LONGING for some adult conversation that isn't about work or poop. They had called and said they would bring over some supper so they could see me and the kids.

The day didn't continue well at all. I think I was about reduced to tears when Tyler took Connor's highchair tray off "for him" and dumped the remaining food on the floor, then took the broom and swung it in the air like was playing with a Pinata, while Connor whined for something that we never did figure out, while Tyler ran around in circles spitting out play car tires he had in his mouth, while I attempted to have a conversation with my parents. All at the same time.

Finally - in an attempt to save themselves, my parents left. I wanted so bad to jump in the back of their car and have them take me to their house, let me sleep until I wake up, sit on a chair, eat a meal without running around chasing someone while trying to chew my food, and not scream every 2 seconds, "STOP KICKING YOUR BROTHER!".

But I keep on. Everyday. Some days are easier than others, but they seem be on a downward trend lately.

Thank God for Bud Select.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

"Mommy, hold my hand...."

I guess you could say I've always been a "firm" mom. I don't tolerate whining, tantrums, or talking back, and if my kids fall down outside, I'll pause and let them figure out what they need before running to their aide. Usually, they get up, brush it off, and keep on going. Sometimes though, I forget that they're still babies...
My husband had his summer picnic for his work today at a park nearby. Of all days, today it literally has to be about 100 degrees outside, and we live in East Central Iowa. 100 degrees in Iowa, usually means it's about 90% humidity - which it is today.

We went to the picnic with both boys, and had a good time. There was a HUGE playground structure for Tyler to play on, and since there were tons of other kids there too, he had a great time.

As I was coaxing him back to the pavillion so we could get ready to leave, he ran up next to me and said, "Mommy, hold my hand.". I wasn't sure what caused this, as Tyler usually isn't a touchy-feely kid - but I held his hand.

In those brief moments that I held his hand, I remembered that this little boy is only 3 years old. Okay - he'll be 4 in September, but sometimes I expect so much of him. He's a very tall kid, so he looks like he's 6, so I often expect him to act like he's 6. Today he was tired after his baseball game he went to last night, and the heat just sucked everything out of us.

Sometimes it's nice to be pulled down to reality - and I usually find the people that are doing that for me - are my own children.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Oh, how you forget....

"Don't I look innocent!"

I have completely forgotten a HUGE part of a Toddler's life. That part is that that is absolutely impossible to take them ANYWHERE, or, at least I'll speak for my boys.

Tyler was always a very tense baby. He didn't sit or stand anywhere for any length of time, and was walking by the time he was 10 months old - I think because he just couldn't get anywhere fast enough. He quickly learned to run, and that is pretty much his only speed anymore. I had forgotten what happened between the 10 months and now.

Connor is getting quick, and impatient. He definitely knows what he wants now, and will let you know. He will also let you know when he DOESN'T want something -which is now to NOT sit in his car seat and does the wonderful "stiff as a board back arch" that is one of the moves they must secretly teach babies in a "How to drive your parents crazy" class.

I just needed to mail a package, so Connor and I headed off to the UPS store. How harmless could that be? How long would we be in there - 5 minutes, top?

Ensue chaos.

We walk into the UPS store. I tell the lady I want to ship a package (duh!), and Connor starts his back arching aerobics in my arms. I'm mailing this to Canada, so I have to sign 15 forms, give my blood type and promise to sacrifice my firstborn child if I don't fess up to everything I was mailing. It was literally a book and a cookbook. Holy cow - you would've thought I was trying to smuggle cocaine out of the country.

During this process, Connor ran around the counter 3 times, would not let me hold him, but also would not sit still. Although I was the only one in the store - I DO NOT let my children just run free in public. The lady was so nice and tried to distract him. She even got a play UPS truck down from a shelf for him to play with - but he had his eyes set on the cart that large packages are moved on. She's trying to get me finished, and Connor is trying to push her cart around behind the counter.

We ended up getting out of the store without anyone getting harmed. I had finally just given Connor my cell phone which made him happy for a couple minutes - but who knows who he called. As I was thinking about it - my boss' number and her boss' number are both in my cell phone. I can't imagine how thrilled they would be to get a call from me with the sound of slobbering and babbling on the other end.

So, we have officially entered Toddler Season. No more trips to Wal-Mart, no more just holding him while we shop, no more casual stops in the store. This kid is non-stop, just like his brother, and dad.

Let the Toddler Olympics begin!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

The happiest man in the world!


Kyle called me this evening, totally thrilled! He got his first hole-in-one today on hole 7 of Quail Creek Golf Course.

"Grab Connor and meet me at the Clubhouse!", he yelled into the phone. Kyle and Tyler went golfing together with the neighbors, so Tyler got to witness it as well.

I'm pretty sure Kyle won't sleep tonight, and the trophy that he gets made from his ball will probably go on to the center of our living room wall! He'll also get his name in the paper - which I think he's the most thrilled with.
Congratulations Honey! I love you!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Oh. My. God.

Those are the only words I could utter when I opened my car door this morning. I was putting Connor into his car seat, and was greeted with this....

Last night as we were getting out of the car, Tyler dawdled in the car as long as possible, as he usually does. By the time he usually made it into the house, he had a Sharpie marker in his hand (YES, I said SHARPIE!), which I immediately removed from his possession.

"He's already made a mark on his head," I thought to myself, "I can't imagine when else he could do with this red pen".

Holy Lord. I had no idea Picasso was the one "dawdling" in my car that night.

I panicked the whole drive to work. Visions of an entire new car interior went through my head...wondering how much that would cost, wondering if there would be a chance at covering it up, and stopping any thoughts of harming my 3 year old. Seriously... I'm glad he wasn't standing next to me when I found that - or he wouldn't be with us right now.

I jumped on Google the second I got to work and searched for "how to get Sharpie out of fabric", and actually found some helpful sites of people that sounded desperate as me. Lots of good tips.

I got home, and armed myself with my goods: Shout Spray, Dawn Dishwashing Liquid, Hairspray, Fingernail Polish Remover, water and toothbrushes.

IT WORKED! The RED SHARPIE PEN came OUT! I still cannot believe it! I started with the cold water, then used Dawn Dishwashing Liquid, and finished it off with some Shout. It is all gone, except for a slight shadow at the worst part. took an hour and a half - but it came out!

Okay - so Tyler can live now, but I have taken every single freakin' Sharpie pen and hid it where he couldn't possible find it or reach it!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Mr. Miyagi

Remember the scene in The Karate Kid where Mr. Miyagi is trying to use chopsticks to catch a fly, then Daniel walks in and catches it on his first try? Well, I have Tyler.

Over the last couple of weeks, I've watched him. He's usually standing at the backdoor or a window, watching outside (usually longing to BE outside) and with it being summer and since with 2 kids our house has turned into a barn, we have a LOT of flies. Those flies usually end up at the windows and backdoor too.

Tyler has, are you ready............killed at least 3 flies, with his hands. It's hilarious. He stands there, completely still (when else have you heard of this kid standing still?), and waits. He waits for the flies to land on the door, then slowly moves his hand up, and can kill them with the palm of his hand. Tonight he did it - with 2 fingers.

What a proud moment for his mother! I don't think they have that sticker for the baby books, do they? "Catches bugs with bare hands". Yuck!

Monday, July 7, 2008

When do all rules of parenting go out the window?

4th of July.

"Go ahead Tyler, put the sparkler in the fire. It will start. Just hold it there. Just wait. I know the fire is hot - it will start shortly....."

I believe all of these phrases were uttered out of our mouths the evening of the 4th of July. He played with fire, peed ouside, watched the neighbor boys set off illegal fireworks, and even climbed under the fence to get on the golf course in order to play a few holes.


SHUT UP!!!!!!!!

Where have I been????? I was watching TV last night (maybe that's the problem - we never WATCH TV anymore unless it's a cartoon or some show with bright shiny puppets!) and I saw the trailer for the next X-Files movie coming out on July 25th!

You have no idea how excited I was - or still am! It literally brought tears to my eyes to find that Scully and Mulder will be back. After the last movie years ago, I thought it was over for good - as that movie was supposed to be the capstone of the TV series that I had watched passionately for years.

Now, only 21 days until I can go see those alien-chasing, monster-facing heroes that I love!

Saturday, July 5, 2008

The Meltdown

Tyler has been connected to Kyle lately - seriously. If he could find some velcro to connect them for good - he would be even happier. And when Kyle leaves...all hell breaks loose.

Yesterday Tyler was ready to go down for a nap. Kyle took that opportunity to go play 9 holes at the golf course- which was fine. Connor was already sleeping and Tyler was SO ready for a nap. So Kyle left. Begin meltdown here.

Tyler took off running towards the golf course. At first it was just a jog, and I thought "he'll turn around anytime now...", and he didn't. He just kept going. I ran after him, and then he ran faster. Pretty soon, he was in an all out sprint, and so was I. I don't remember running that fast since gym class. I finally caught him, just inches from the gravel that takes you to the golf course (he had no shoes on and neither did I - gravel would've SUCKED!). So I attempted to carry him home.

Mind you - this is my 3 year old, that is 45 pounds and 45 inches tall - no shrimp. I literally had him in some sort of armbar move that I'd seen on WWE - and I'm carrying him home. Tyler is screaming at the top of his lungs - and the neighbors are looking. I learned later that one of our neighbors was hiding behind her curtains laughing at us. This, was one of my proudest moments as a mom.

I took him - and literally threw him into his room. At that point, I wasn't in the mood for games anymore, and he had far surpassed any point of understanding anything. For some reason, he ran into his closet. I think I literally said, "whatever", and walked out of his room.

Quietness quickly ensued, and I checked on him in about 10 minutes, and this was what I found... Poor guy had literally fallen asleep in his closet.

His nap was about 3 hours. That tells you how tired he was. Those moments are so frustrating, but I feel even that much worse for him knowing he was that tired, and was beyond being able to control himself at that point.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Will miracles ever cease?

A picture of the boys. You can see Tyler's new hair-do, as well as the miracle of him sharing his popcorn with Connor!

The answer to "How are we going to pay for college"?

$29.98 (ever noticed how most things at Wal-Mart end in .98?)

Yep - clippers. Hair clippers.

Tyler needed a haircut this past weekend, and instead of spending $12 like we normally would, Kyle suggested we go buy a good pair of clippers from the store. He didn't want to borrow the neighbors (since he borrows everything else of theirs - I'm not sure where the clippers became off-limits), so off I went.

Kyle was so excited! "This will practically pay for itself with 2 haircuts!", he said. And the first haircut began.

Unfortunately, the only look we can seem to get is the buzz. Kyle used a one guard on the back and two guard on the top - but it pretty much is a one guard all over. A nice summer doo - but I think we may have to consider this our "summer savings opportunity", and if we want this kid to have a chance at having hair on his head during the winter months - cough up the $12 for Cost Cutters to do the doo.

I'll post a picture of Tyler new look as soon as I can get him to sit down.