Sunday, May 30, 2010

The beautiful smell of summer...

The other night we got home a bit later than normal.  It was that most perfect time of night where the sky was beautiful, the air was beautiful, and just everything about the evening was absolutely perfect.  I got out of the car, and just smiled.  And kept smiling as memories raced through my head as to just WHY I love those nights...

It was one of those evenings where the air is the perfect temperature, the sky is so gorgeous you just want to take pictures of it to keep it forever.  I remember bike rides as a kid, playing on swingsets, and running around and screaming, just because we could.  

The grass becomes the perfect grass that you just want to walk through because it is the perfect texture and just feels good.  As a kid, I remember just laying in it because it was also just right.  

I remember sparklers and fireworks.  I remember baseball games and parks.  I remember boat rides.  I guess I just remember happy.  And those perfect evenings just bring everything back. 

Most of all, I remember the smell.  The smell of dusk.  The perfect air temperature where you wish the evening would never end so you could enjoy it forever. 

So, I did take pictures of it so I could enjoy it forever.  Now, if I could just figure out a way to bottle up that smell, I'm pretty sure I could sell it and make a million. 

Friday, May 21, 2010

The big accomplishment

The Frog Hollow Class of 2010!

Tyler graduated from Preschool on Wednesday. Yes, preschool. I barely held it together the whole ceremony (with just a slight tear during the Pledge of Allegiance) and thought I would be able to get through it without totally bursting into tears, and then Tyler's teacher read a poem called, "When I was a Preschooler". She started bawling and so did I. Luckily my friend in front of my handed me a kleenex so I could stop non-chalantly using my hand to wipe my nose.

It was so darling though, and I think the best part, the kids were all so darn proud. I'm sure they don't quite get the jist of it, but Tyler thinks he's an official "big kid", now, with the diploma and all. I was impressed with the caps and gowns, but for the mint we are paying that place, I'm surprised they didn't also contribute to their college fund.

I took 77 pictures in all that night. 77. And people call me Wang (from Caddyshack - you know who you are!).
Tyler wants to know when he can graduate again. I took him probably kindergarten we'll celebrate, and then he'll have a long road to high school. Then he asked about graduating from college, to which I jumped all over (keep those higher education thoughts coming!), and told him yes - and he'll even get to wear Hawkeye colors that day in his cap and gown! (Okay - so I can hope!)  He can't wait!

Tyler leading in the group!  Walking with his teacher, Miss Alishia
He was so excited to get his diploma!  That was the hardest handshake I had ever seen!
Tyler with Miss Alishia - he just LOVES her! 
The group after receiving their diplomas!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Just a need

I was hoping to already have pictures of Connor's 3rd birthday posted, but since I'm not on my home computer which contains those pictures, but my work computer, you'll just have to put up with my rambling.  I really just need to capture some things on my blog before I lose them.

"Things I have noticed lately" - by Jenny Stanfield

  1. How much I love summer.  Tonight we went to Tyler's T-ball game, and then played at the park.  After that, we came home, and grilled chicken and baked potatoes and just sat outside.  We came in and all took baths and showers, and it's still 71 degrees in the house.  THAT is why I love summer.  For all of those reasons.  Because we don't sit in front of the mindless TV talking about silly things that TV thinks are important - but are enjoying the moments that really are.
  2. Every week I am less and less interested in work.  I used to be Mrs. Career Woman - and no one was going to stand in my way, justwatchmeI'llbesomeonesomeday lady.  Not anymore.  I'm not sure what has changed in me, but it seemed gradual.  It's not like I woke up one day and it was there, but I seem to be making different choices, a little bit easier now.  I go to work later, and leave a little earlier.  Not because I don't like it - but because I know something so much more important is waiting for me at home.  Okay, so somedays the job does consume me, but those are fewer and fewer between now.  I will not answer my cell phone at night if someone calls, and will not work on the weekends.  It's strange, and I don't know what caused it, but I'm kind of liking it. 
  3. I am just totally totally totally fascinated with my boys.  I especially love bedtime, when they have calmed down and just want to be with me.  I've realized that sometimes this is just a stalling technique, but it is still so fun to actually talk to them.  People always told me "just wait until they can talk to you", and they weren't kidding.  It's amazing to have your (now) 3 year old say, "I love you Mommy, see you in the morning!", and even more amazing when your 5 year old tells you stories about their day and what they do when you can't be with them.  I absolutely love it, and am brought to tears every night.  I have learned to hide them well, but get big tears in my eyes every time I put those stinkers to bed.  It's just so fun. 
  4. Last but not least, Tyler will be graduating from Preschool tomorrow.  (Insert me bawling here...)  I have actually not been looking forward to this because I really don't know how I'm going to hold it together.  I'm an emotional blabber-mess anymore anyway (seriously, not sure what changed, but my hormones are not on my side), and will cry at anything.  (I have had to stop listening to the "LOVE" station on XM Radio on my way into work - just that bad.)  And tomorrow, to see my baby graduate from preschool.  They have gowns and everything.  I have heard a preview of the songs they are going to sing, and Tyler said they have been practicing every day.  I just can't believe that we are already here???  Isn't this the same boy that I just dropped off for his first day of daycare, like, yesterday?  And the little boy that I took to his 1 year, and 2 year and 3 year and etc. etc. appointments.  It's amazaing how fast it goes, especially when you're going through all the motions.  Every day is just another day, until it hits you just what is going on. 
So just what is going on?  My boys are growing up.  I love it, and hate it.  I want to soak in every minute of where they are now, but also can't wait to see what's next.  I want them to stay just who they are and what they are, but also cannot wait to see where their independent hearts take them in life. 

Since I can't freeze time where it is, I think the "what's next" will win, and I'll have to go with that.  I guess that means I will get to see where they go and what they do.  For some reason, it just feels like everything is coming together sometimes.  Especially now. 

Saturday, May 15, 2010

"Tyler said the F-word"

Well, actually, he didn't. 

Connor doesn't actually know what the f-word is, which I guess I should be thankful for.  Every time Tyler says "stupid", Connor tells us, "Tyler said the F-word".

Both boys have figured out that by calling us "stupid", that they press about every button we have.  Boy, that ticks me off.  So that usually means someone ends up in time-out, and then crying, and me yelling, and then me getting called "stupid" again.  Sometimes we have a blast at this cycle for an hour.  Oh, joy.

This morning we seem to be teetering on "nice day" and "total meltdown" (I've only been told "Tyler said the F-word" once).  I think we'd better get moving before total meltdown happens!

Monday, May 10, 2010

I found our stroller in storage yesterday

I was digging through the garage yesterday looking for some pots for the entirely too many plants I bought, and came across our stroller.  Our Jeep stroller that we purchased back in 2005 for Tyler.  It was quite the stroller back then, one of the first models that had 3 wheels.  It was cool.

"How did it end up hidden in the corner of the storage area in the garage?", I thought to myself.  "When did we put it there?"

I assume that during Kyle's cleaning escapade of the garage last fall (I do not recommend being present for one of those - it ain't pretty), that it ended up there.  I actually don't remember the last time we used it, and I think that is what shocked me the most.  Isn't using a stroller something you realize, and are conscious of?  How did I miss that one?

Then I started to think of all the other things I have forgotten about with the kids.  I forgot what our living room would look like on a Saturday morning, with the exersaucer and bouncy seat, and toys everywhere.  I had forgotten about the burp rags thrown all over, and the multitudes of bottles in the dishwasher.  While that is going on, you don't realize how much of your life it really is.  Now that it isn't there, I can't say I really "miss" it (the mess that is), but it just means the boys are growing up so fast.

Connor will be three tomorrow!  (Already!)  And he has just grown up to be such a big boy.  Although he's still my baby, that kid can pack a punch - or I should say "pinch", as that is what he does when he's mad.  And Holy Cow - it hurts.  That same sweetheart sang himself to sleep last night.  Kyle and I could recognize "We Will Rock You", "Imma Be" and "Bad Boys" (yes, the Cops theme).  We just giggled and giggled to ourselves as we listened to him.  Hey - if that's what helps him get to sleep, so be it.

Tonight Tyler didn't quite want to go to bed.  The same boy that I used to rock with (before there were two) for hours.  The same boy that I used to fall asleep in the rocking chair with almost nightly when I was pregnant with Connor and ready for bed at 8pm myself.  I watched that boy put himself to sleep tonight.

Tyler had been in his room tossing and turning, coming out of his room, laying sideways, taking off his clothes, etc.  I went in there for one last time, and told him what I usually tell him, "Okay, Tyler, goodnight.  You have to stay in bed now, or I'm going to turn out your light and shut the door."  (He likes to go to bed with the light on and door open.)  That usually does the trick, so I usually save it for last.

I then went into the bathroom and just watched.  His eyes had been getting heavy, and sometimes I just watch him because he's amazing.  Of course he is, he's my oldest son.

I peeked around the corner, and watched him look around the room.  His blinks getting slower and slower, until they almost looked like they were in slow motion.  I watched him hold his little stuffed leopard in his hand, his eyes slowing wandering around the room.  I wondered what he was thinking, but with Tyler, you never know.  It could be about what he ate at school today, or a ninja fight.  Take your pick.

Both boys have grown up so fast, some days I feel as if I just can't drink them in fast enough.  I watch them and just stare, and people probably think I'm crazy.  I'm just so in love with those stinkers.  They have created a whole new world for me that I never thought was possible.  A whole new set of priorities for my stubborn self, and a whole new life for two people who said no one would ever rock their world.

And to think, with Connor's singing, he did just that last night.  :-)