Saturday, December 27, 2008


Yep - this is what Christmas is like for a 4 year old! I think this picture pretty much sums it up!

Holy cow - I could post literally dozens of pictures of Christmas! It was so awesome, and Tyler had such a great time this year (and we did too!) because he actually BELIEVED in Santa! Santa ate the cookies we left out for him, and for some reason we had to leave cheese out too (I don't know where that came from!), and he drank some milk. It was so cute!

Tyler was thrilled that Santa brought him the "orange truck" that he had been wanting since about September. That was his highlight of his Christmas at home, and still he plays with that truck almost all day long, and if he isn't playing with it, Connor is!

Connor on the other hand, didn't understand the whole Christmas thing, and being diagnosed with an ear infection on Christmas eve is why he was not himself for a couple of days.

Connor got some awesome gifts too. His favorites are his trucks, and his Elmo. My parents got him an Elmo that will pretty much do everything, including, pretty much have a conversation with you - so he usually puts Elmo in his truck, and pushes him around!

I did catch a unique picture though. In the shot below, we had just finished opening our presents about 1 hour earlier. (And yes, I am aware that our living room looks like a toy store threw up in it - I've resigned myself to that fact that it is going to look that way for YEARS!) Tyler is happily playing with his new orange truck in the background - but Connor has devised himself a toy. That, my friends, is a bucket turned upside down, a ball, and one of the tubes for the vacuum cleaner that he is using as a bat. Yep - he made himself a t-ball game, right in our living room. This provided him with entertainment for about 15 minutes! Next year, I will remember - just take a box and walk around the house putting random things in it - and Connor would be thrilled!

Jason was admitted to the Children's Hospital on December 23rd, had surgery to implant his port on the 24th, had CT scans and transfusions on the 25th, and started his Chemotherapy on the 26th. It sounds like he had been a little sick, but otherwise doing well, until today. He now has an intestinal infection that has him in isolation (so he can have no visitors for at least a week), and his liver isn't functioning well.
Keep Jason and his family in your prayers.

Friday, December 26, 2008

Need More Prayers

We were having some fun with the neighbors tonight, playing the Wii, when we received a call from a friend saying the 4 year old that lives across the street from us has acute myeloid leukemia.

We were in the doctor's office on Christmas Eve with Connor for another ear infection, and were complaining a bit - and I then mentioned, jokingly, "he could have leukemia"....

How little did we know that the little boy, Jason, that lives across the street from us, would be in the hospital receiving chemotherapy now for his AML, which is the most severe form of leukemia that a child can have, and is usually only diagnosed in adults.

We need your prayers please, and stay tuned for some fund raisers.
(The picture above is from last May, of Tyler and Jason in our backyard.)

Monday, December 22, 2008

Think he could do our taxes?

While attempting to work one night from the kitchen table, I got up to go get something (probably stupid that I didn't need but I procrastinate like you wouldn't BELIEVE!), and when I returned to my chair, I found this... He appears to be VERY intently studying my work!

He's going to sit on my lap while I do TurboTax this year, and I'll see what he recommends!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

I love you to the moon and back

Last week, Tyler, Connor and I were driving to daycare. Just as we pulled out of the drive, I looked up in the sky at the most beautifully huge moon I had seen in a long time. (Apparently, the last time it was this big was 1993).

"Wow, Tyler, LOOK at that MOON!", I said.

He replied, "Holy Cow, that is the biggest moon I've ever seen in my WHOLE life!"

"Yep," I said. "It's absolutely beautiful!"

Tyler paused for a minute, and then said the most amazing thing I think I've ever heard him say...

"Mommy, we need to buy that moon."

"Why?", I asked.

"Because, it's so beautiful, I think we just need to touch it. If we buy it, we can hold it in our hands. And it's really really nice to hold beautiful things in our hands."

Tears instantly sprung to my eyes. I spent the rest of the trip to daycare trying to choke back the tears that kept welling up.

It's amazing how fast they grow up. How many things you take for granted, and then how they can surprise you instantly with something so heartfelt that it makes you want to melt.

And this is my little boy.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

How procrastination paid off!

Hi, my name if Jenny, and I'm a HORRIBLE procrastinator! Yes, I should be going to meetings!

I'm not sure when this obsession with procrastinating started, but I'm really good at it now. Today included!

While sitting in a meeting this morning with a supplier, I remembered that my drivers license needed to be renewed by tomorrow, because it was 60 days past its expiration date. Yes, I have remembered this about 15 times since my birthday, but because the bullet wasn't 1 centimeter from my head, I pushed snooze and went on with my life.

I decided today I had better go, just in case they were closed tomorrow because they have the most hokey hours I have ever heard of!

So, I leave work at 10am and drive over there. It's just started snowing, and it's about 1 degree outside. Nice time to be running errands.

I arrive in what I'm pretty sure was the waiting room for hell. This place was insane! The line to check in was about 15 people long, and the cattle were herded everywhere, from chairs, to lines, to another set of chairs, to a "waiting for my printed picture, I'm almost made it out of here - THANK GOD!" huddle by the door. I decided I had to suck it up, so I waited patiently, and tried not to touch anything.

Holy Lord the characters that were in there were scary. Seriously, there was a lady with a baby, and she was wearing shorts. Did I mention it was 1 degree outside and SNOWING! There was an 89 year old lady behind me (she was telling everyone her age), sharing her story of how the nice janitor at her home took out warm buckets of water on Sunday to melt the ice on every one's car so they could go running errands. She laughed "Ha, Ha, we didn't realize that because our cars were icy that the roads would be icy too!"

I wasn't laughing. I was scared.

I finally get shuffled through everything, take my horrible picture, and am in the "THANK GOD I'm almost out of here" huddle, and they call me up to the counter.

Holy Crap! What have I done! Are they going to take away my license? My mind was racing.

"Because you waited so long today, here is your $20 back", the girl said. She handed me back my $20 that I had paid to renew my license, and apologized for my long wait. I was so shocked that I didn't know what to say, but for some cheesy reason the only thing I could think of was "Merry Christmas!" (Yes, I am just cheesy like that!)

So, procrastination paid off again. I hate it when that constantly gets validated! Now, I just have to finish my Christmas shopping..... but first, after that visit today, I think I need a shower.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Daycare Christmas Program 2008 - a.k.a. Insanity!

The boys' Christmas Program was this afternoon for daycare. It turned out well, overall. Before we left, we got some great pictures of the boys in their Christmas sweaters. They were so clean and cute!

About 20 minutes after arriving we had to take their sweaters off because they had run so hard they were nearing heat stroke inside the conference center. Connor's class was first to sing, and kudos to the kids that didn't need a lap to sit on! There weren't enough to go around! They were so cute, and sang Santa Claus is coming to Town, and Jingle Bells. The cutest part was that some of the kids actually knew all the words! Connor on the other hand, didn't even have any interest in ringing his bells. There were too many good looking 2 year olds to look at!!! (Connor is right behind the first row, sitting on the girl's lap with the white shirt on.)

Tyler was thrilled when he had to sit with his class and sing. He, for whatever reason, decided at this moment in his life to become shy, and WOULD NOT sing without being connected to me or daddy. Daddy had that pleasure while mom shot pictures!

The song they sang was cute too! Yes, that is "Connor the Star" standing up right in front of the entire class while they were singing...

Both boys were then asleep by 7:15 tonight. So much action for such little boys in one day!

Holy Mother of Tae Bo

Since the kids have been born, I haven't had any sort of serious work out regimen. Before I was pregnant with Tyler, I was in the best shape of my life. I lifted weights two times a week, and could run 5+ miles with no problem at all. After I became pregnant - running turned into walking, and then into sitting as I got hugely pregnant.

When Tyler was about one, I started running again. I would just put him in a little push-car toy we have, and push him in the car while I jogged behind it. Yes - it looked ridiculous, but I got a workout which was desperately needed. That worked until the weather got colder, and then I was pregnant again.

Since then, its been totally hit and miss. I tried going to a "Curves" type gym, but that just wasn't for me. In order to get motivated to workout, I need some high impact stuff. I could leave that gym without even sweating. I got bored of it quickly.

I decided I should start working out again, and since I don't like to be gone from the house for 12 hours a day, I decided it should be something I could to at home. Treadmill....too dangerous if Connor is up. I could see him trying to climb on that as I was running and possible lose a finger, or me hopping off of it ever 2 minutes to do something.

Last week Connor found my Tae Bo CD that I had bought years ago. Back in about 1998 I was an avid Tae Bo exerciser, and LOVED it! The BEST workout I'd ever had. I had wanted to start again, but couldn't find the CD. Connor found it which means that was either bad luck (I HAD to start working out again!), or good luck, because I desperately need it!

We (me and the boys) did Tae Bo this morning in the living room. Well, me, the boys, and Billy Blanks. I stopped after 25 minutes because I'm pretty sure I won't be able to life my arms tomorrow! Holy Mother of Tae Bo, I'm sore already!

So, see ya later gut! I'm tired of you sticking out further than my tiny chest. And see you later gooey thighs - you're not going to be around much longer! The old "healthy" Jenny is going to back - and soon!!!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Christmas Tree - Take 2

As you've probably gathered, Christmas is my favorite holiday of all. I love the music, the shopping, the decorations, and everything else that could be Christmas related about it!

This year, we had the saddest Christmas tree I'd ever seen. I put my shoebox of ornaments on it, with a few strings of white lights, and attempted some beads and ribbon - but it looked like something that had just survived a hurricane. It was once a Christmas tree, but to call it that any longer would've been an evil lie...

I was out shopping the other day, and found a cool box or ornaments at the hardware store. 106 ornaments, to be exact! Yes - 106 beautiful, sparkly, fun ornaments.

Tonight - we put 104 ornaments on the tree. 2 broke as we were putting them on.

NOW we have a Christmas tree. I fixed the ribbon - put one more string of lights on it, and the 104 ornaments that make the tree look absolutely beautiful!

I did take a picture of it, because I'm thinking it will look like this for about 9 more hours. Once the kids wake up, all bets are off! One of the two culprits posed for a quick picture below too!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

These are a few of my favorite things...


Kyle went to a friend's birthday party here in town. We didn't have a babysitter so I could go, but I was okay with that.

Connor went to bed at 7:10.

Tyler was asleep by 7:45 (he refused to take a nap today).

I did Christmas shopping on Amazon for Connor, Tyler, Kyle and my Dad & Mom.

Now I'm just messing around on the internet, while listening to music on YouTube.

I LOVE these nights. Pure quiet. Just ME time. Which is WAY overdue and so much needed.

I've said it before and I'll say it again, this is awesome!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

We might be on to something

Okay, Kyle. You're redeemed. Redeemed from your purchase of a large, black, Sharpie marker for our 4-year-old son, since you took him to the rec center tonight.

Kyle called me at work today and told me when Tyler and Connor got home - he was taking Tyler to the rec center. He said Tyler asked this morning, and he told Tyler if he had a good day he would take him.

Fast forward to 7:15 as they are walking back in the door coming home. I could hear Tyler crying all the way in the garage, and this was the "I'm tired, didn't get my way, and you totally pissed me off" cry. It's beautiful.

Kyle said Tyler wanted an orange pop as they were leaving, and he wouldn't buy him one. Start meltdown here, which apparently continued the whole way home in the car, and virtually continued on and off until I got Tyler to sleep at 8:15 tonight, which is VERY early for him.

Here's what I think happened....

Tyler has figured out these things called "vending machines". He also knows where they are. He knows I have machines at work that give you gum and doritos (he came to work with me last weekend to drop something off), and he frequently asks to stop at gas stations to get gum, and where it all comes together - the last time we left the pool at the rec center, Tyler got a 7-up. I think Tyler wanted to go to the rec center to play, but it was also partially a cover for wanting a pop.

Clever kid. I could possibly start delegating the grocery shopping to him. Imagine that - grocery shopping out of a vending machine. It would get old eating animal crackers, pretzels and Twizzlers, but hey - that's how I survived in college AND I would get a whole hour back in my weekend!!! No more lines at Wal-Mart, trying to Connor to sit down in the cart, or trying to make that critical decision like "do I buy a Totinos pizza for 99 cents or a rising crust pizza for $5?"

We might be on to something.....

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

"What were you thinking?" Chapter 1

Kyle bought Tyler a black Sharpie marker at Target this past weekend.

Seriously, we were all 4 at the mall, and split up for a bit, where Tyler and Kyle ended up at Target. I have no idea how Tyler talked Kyle into buying him this large-grip, black Sharpie marker, but we now have (correction - our FOUR YEAR OLD now has) one.