Thursday, February 26, 2009

Does it get any better than this?

I'm about ready to give up on this week. It's not even Friday, and I'm full. I'm done. I've had enough - up to HERE! (insert picture of me holding my hand one foot above my head).

It's just been tiring. It's been the type of week at work where I have to strategically pee. Pee when I don't have to - because I know I won't be able to the next 2 hours. I've had to willingly and unwillingly perform the least favorite part of my job because our HR department keeps changing the rules - so this means I have spent more time with our HR rep this week, than with my husband. Good times.

I think I've seen Connor about 2 hours total (in the evening) since Sunday, and that doesn't rest well with me. He grounds me, and relaxes me. Just sitting with him on my lap for 10 minutes with worth 2 hours of therapy - I swear! I did get to spend some time with Tyler, but he's just not that into me anymore. Yea, I'm mom, but his John Deere truck is much cooler than telling me about his day. He'd rather color with a Sharpie than answer a question like "What did you have for lunch?". For what it's worth, he's going to turn into a perfect man, because he answers most questions with "I don't know" or "nothing".

And my cute Sir Connor has been waking up between 4:45 and 5am this week - which makes it nearly impossible to get ready in the morning. Although I love spending time with him in the morning, it's difficult to do when I'm trying to put on mascara and he's turning the bathroom light on and off.

To top it off, I got a freaking speeding ticket tonight. And what makes it better is that I could SEE the GARAGE DOOR to my HOUSE while sitting in the street as he gave me a ticket. 36 in a 25. Additionally, it's a 25 that was a 35 just one block earlier. Just to be nice (ha ha), he cut that back to a 30 in a 25 - which is a $63 ticket. (I've deleted two sentences here which contained words that aren't very nice about the Sheriff that pulled me over. I'll get over it - I know it's my fault, but that is the least thing I needed right now.)

Kyle was NOT happy when I brought that home, which escalated into us fighting out everything from money to me leaving my purse on the counter. Seriously? Do we have to fight about my purse? Apparently so.

I think I just need a hug. Really bad.

Is this over yet?

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Houston, we have a problem

We were sitting at the kitchen table eating dinner tonight, and Tyler looked at the front page of the paper (with the picture above on the front).

"Is that Tiger Woods?", he asked us.

Yikes. I think we might have our priorities a little bit backwards. I'm thinking we might have some problems in History Class in about 10 years!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

We drove each other crazy this weekend

It was one of those weekends. One where you look back and try to find things to smile about, and it's actually a little difficult. It's not like we didn't do anything fun this weekend - because we did, but it just seems that there were so many annoying things that happened, that it drove me crazy. Actually, it drove me crazy, and Kyle crazy, and the kids - they were just crazy.

First off, those of you that have kids that sleep past 7am, ever - you suck. We even kept Connor up till 9pm last night (2 hours past his bedtime!) in hopes that he would sleep in, at least a little. 6:15 was all we got - which was pure joy after getting up at 5am yesterday. Tyler was even up before 6am yesterday. That's insane.

And Kyle, who from hereon out will be referred to as "Captain Crankypants" about drove me over the edge. I'm going to start crushing up Midol to put in his food if his mood doesn't improve. He has the "I'm so fricking sick of being cooped up in this house I'm going to take it out on everyone" syndrome. It happens every year. Hunting is done, and golf has yet to start. It's like Purgatory for Kyle. He's so desperate for golf to start, that I think he's at his warehouse at work right now with Tyler and Mike, with a new golf net that they bought yesterday. Whatever - just get out of the house!

If it could get better, Kyle found a website that is like Facebook for golfers. He is addicted. I have no idea what they do on that site, just golfers talking to each other and maybe telling awesome golf stories or something, but that's driving ME crazy.

We attempted to do a "family" thing, by going bowling on Saturday, with the boys. That was actually cute, because Connor even had on bowling shoes. I didn't know they made bowling shoes that small! I think Connor bowled one frame, and Tyler three - and they were done. Luckily the bowling alley had a game area with tons of arcade games - in which the boys were introduced to Ski-Ball. Try explaining that to a 4 and 1 year old. I spent more time chasing balls around the floor than actually trying to roll them up the lane. They threw them up in the air, overhand towards the screen, and all over the floor.

By the time we left the bowling alley, I was sweating, and Kyle's mood had not improved. We ended up having a very colorful conversation in the car, which resulted in Kyle yelling "What do you want me to do?", and me yelling back at him, "Why don't you keep yelling at everyone, because apparently that's working!"

We just need out. Out of this house. We need to play outside, and run in the sun, and ride bikes, and go for walks. I'm afraid if the weather continues like this for any longer, someone will officially go insane, and that someone will probably be me!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Dentist

I'm horrible. I should be totally ashamed of myself. And I'm going to hell..... I have never taken my kids to the dentist.

Loren, over on SweetendTaters discusses taking her triplets to the dentist, and what happened there. I also happened to be having a conversation with a co-worker today who mentioned his 20 month old is going to the dentist. 20 MONTH OLD???? What the hell is my problem?

This bothered me so much, I Googled it. I have found anywhere found from "before their first birthday" to "five years old". Why such a discrepancy? I understand there are issues that would have you bring your kid to the dentist earlier, but before their first birthday? My niece only had four of her teeth before her second birthday! (Yes, that is typed correctly - her SECOND birthday!) What would they have told her? "Nice gums Carley!"?

I guess I'm going to add this to my "slacker mom" list (along with bringing a bag of half eaten Oreos for snack to daycare). I swear, I did have this conversation with my dentist when Tyler was like 2, and he basically said, when they are young, they just want to get them used to seeing a dentist chair, and the tools and the noises, because it just scares them so much. He suggested bringing Tyler during my next appointment so he could see what happens to me. At that time, Tyler was 2 or 3 and I didn't usually bring him anywhere in public, voluntarily, by myself. Since then, it has totally slipped my mind.

I did get the name of a good pediatric dentist that I'm going to call tomorrow. I feel like such a total heel. I guess I have never had any teeth problems in my life, and have never had a cavity, so "dental health" has never been an issue for me - now or as a child. I've been very lucky.

I will write a reminder on my hand so I don't forget that. I swear I need a person to just organize ME sometimes. "Jenny, pay your phone bill!", "Jenny, buy more deodorant!", "Jenny, change your oil!". I am so absent minded at times, I worry about myself!

Now I'm wondering, what else am I forgetting about???

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

What do you mean you can't find your popsicle?

One of my favorite times of my day is my drive home from work. The work day (at work) is done, and I have about a half hour before I have to do anything. Usually, I use this time to call people and catch up - usually my parents or my sister. (These calls are fondly referred to as "commute calls" by my parents.)

Tonight I called my sister and she surprisingly answered. Her schedule is crazier than mine, and getting her to answer the phone is like not having to wait in line at the DMV. It usually doesn't happen... Tonight - I was surprised!

We chatted for a while, and somewhere during our conversation I heard her gasp and say to her oldest girl, "What do you mean you can't find your popsicle?!?!" Terror in her voice as Carley stood there with an empty popsicle wrapper, and a blue popsicle nowhere in sight. They ended up finding it - but I was laughing so hard at that point, I was useless. I can totally imagine how ridiculous some of my conversations sound from home too. Thanks Beth! I just found this hilarious, and desperately needed that laugh in my day.

Continuing on with the drive....

After I picked up the boys from daycare, I decided that it would be a McDonald's night. Kyle was going to watch the game with Mike - so it was just me and the boys. Since I never, never cook unless threatened with my life, I decided the drive though sounded like a good idea.

We headed out of daycare, the boys were thrilled with the idea of McDonald's, and then my phone rings. The caller ID says Kevin, which is my bosses boss. "Great," I think to myself..."Whenever he calls at 5:30, it can't possibly be good..."

We ended up having a good conversation and he was in a very good mood. We hung up just as I was pulling into the McDonald's parking lot. As I was setting my phone down, Tyler asked me, "Mommy, who was that?"

"That was Kevin.", I replied.

"Is Kevin a boy?", Tyler asked again.

"Yep, Kevin is a boy." I said.

"Is Kevin the Pizza Guy?", Tyler asked.

I am laughing out loud right now thinking about that question. Kevin is actually a Senior Director that reports to a Vice President in our multi-billion dollar corporation, although to Tyler, he's just the Pizza Guy.

Sorry Kevin, I think you just got a demotion!

Monday, February 16, 2009

It still bothers me, a lot.

Today, I once again encountered one of my not-so-favorite parts of being a working mom...Needing to just get up and leave.

I had the pleasure (*cough cough*) of sitting through a meeting with some senior leadership where they were discussing a task like they were inventing penicillin or something. I at least got to contribute, and made our organization not look like total, unorganized, idiots.

I was watching the clock constantly. The meeting started at 3:30, and based on the agenda, it couldn't last longer than a hour - or so I thought.




I am then asked a question, which necessitates me leaving the room to call someone that works for me, in which I take the time to quickly call Kyle and tell him I am late. No answer. I text him, and no response.

I walk back into the meeting, which is still going in full force. It's 4:50, 4:55, and still no answer from Kyle. If I'm not out of the parking lot by 5pm, I will never be to daycare by 5:30. Although there is not anything special about 5:30 (daycare closes at 6pm), I just refuse to leave my kids there past that time. I've arrived after 5:30 in the past, and that is TOTAL MELTDOWN time. All the kids are exhausted, starving, and have just HAD IT with the day. Half of them are crying, and some are nearly hysterical. You know what - me too!

Finally, one of the other directors stood up at about 5pm and said he had to go. So, I did too. "I've got to go get the kids!", I said, and practically ran out of the room.

I absolutely HATE getting to that point. I have neglected my family, lied to my husband, and totally stressed myself out - for my job. Yes, it's my job, and they pay me decent, but at what point do I have to compromise my family for my job, or my job for my family.

That line is always towed very carefully. Honestly, my job wins more than anything. I can't help it, I'm addicted. I know it frustrates Kyle sometimes when I have to rely on him to take the kids and pick them up because I can't- but it frustrates him more when I tell him I can pick them up - then call at 4:45 and tell him I can't.

I know these choices won't get any easier with my job, and it's just something I have to come to terms with, but it's a battle every day. Constant trade-offs and compromises. What bothers me even more is wondering at times what my kids will remember of those days. The days where they are one of the last 3 kids at daycare.

Will they think anything of it? Will they care? Or will it leave an imprinted mark on them forever?
But, because I'm not feeling that entirely dark and depressed today, I've leave this on a bit of a positive note. In all likeliness, my job won't cause Connor or Tyler any self-confidence issues. Our Wii Fit will do that.
If that machine asks me one more time if I "have trouble walking" or frequently "bump into things", I might just toss it out the window! This day, Connor was enjoying it. Although he can't play the games much - he likes to pretend!

Friday, February 13, 2009

It gets better....

Oh. My. God.

Remember the Oreos that Connor brought to daycare? I guess there was a small detail that I overlooked when I decided to be lazy and just bring those...

The package was open.

Apparently, Kyle knew this last night, which is why he looked at me like I was insane when I even suggested bringing them. Because they have the new "peel back" opening, you can't tell that they've been opened even after they have.

Kyle said he took the package in to the teachers at daycare, and said, "I didn't know these were for Connor's treat day, and I accidentally opened them."

Thanks for covering for me Kyle. Geez, I am a TOTAL heel.....

Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Issue of the Day

Once again, I totally forgot. I completely, totally forgot that one morning, while obviously feeling like Super Mom, I signed Connor up to bring treats for his Valentine's Day party tomorrow at daycare. At 6:30 in the morning sometimes, I feel like I could conquer the world.

So, here we are. 7pm. The night before the party and I JUST remembered that I had signed him up for treats. (At least I didn't forget completely this time like I did for Tyler's 4th birthday, and 3rd birthday.........).

I dashed to the pantry to see what I had. I have some instant brownie mix, some chocolate cupcake mix, some Tastefully Simple boxes (Apple Cake, Cinnamon muffins), and Oreos that have football helmets on them.

(Do you see where I'm going here?????)

I walked out to the living room and asked Kyle... "Okay, so, I forgot that I signed up to bring treats for Connor's class tomorrow. I have a choice: make chocolate cupcakes for a class of 12-24 month old kids, or bring Oreos that have football helmets on them that they would LOVE, but would seem like I'm a totally lame mom....?"

Kyle didn't say anything. He finally looked at me, and said, "I'm not going to make that decision, that's all you!" Thanks honey. Now I feel like a TOTAL heel.....

It was an easy decision. There was a time where I would've spent an hour making fancy sugar cookies, or ran to Wal-Mart at 9pm or even worse, 6am, to get the perfect snack so I looked like I was Super Mom. I'm kind of glad I attended Connor's Christmas party at daycare, because I saw what they do like. Some kids ate only marshmallows and M&Ms and called it a snack since it was officially a "junk food snack day".

That's not me anymore. Call me lazy. Call me a slacker. There are more important things in life now, like talking to Tyler, just sitting with our family, or more importantly, my sanity.

Those little kids will LOVE the Oreos....

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

25 Random Things About Me

A couple of weeks ago, a message flying around the internet started asking people to post "25 Random Things" about themselves. Last week, Good Morning America even had a story on it, because it is EVERYWHERE. People are posting on YouTube, Facebook, MySpace, and their blogs - just 25 random things about themselves.

The point of the story on GMA was, when is information you share with the public, too much? Everyone has their views. Some people say TMI, some love it. I'm leaning more towards the "love it". It's been interesting to read all of these random facts about people. I've things about my friends that I never would've known.

So, without further ado, here are mine.....

1. I love being tall. I hated it when I was younger, and my mom always told me I would appreciate it later - she was right.

2. I am addicted to my job. I love it and drives me constantly (sometimes crazy!), but I don't know what I would do without it. It's such a challenge, but also rewarding.

3. I could survive on eating appetizers alone. Carlos O'Kelly's chili con queso is my absolute favorite!

4. I can keep up with any beer drinker out there. (Although not something to be totally proud of - I could certainly hold my own in college!).

5. I think I was really meant to be a psychologist/psychiatrist. Having people work for me today helps with this sometimes, because you can not only be a 'boss', but help them as well.

6. Connor is an awesome little boy. Tyler at that age - not so much.

7. I love spending time with my parents and sister. My sister and I used to spend one weekend a month together (pre-kids), and I miss that time.

8. I love to watch 80s movies. (Back to the Future and Ferris Bueller's Day Off are my favorite!)

9. I love to buy books, but for whatever reason, cannot find time to read them.

10. I probably can't find time to read them because I'm watching cartoons with the boys or mindless shows on TV. (Sober House, The Office, etc.)

11. I love being outside, and am a sun worshipper. If it is sunny outside, I cannot bring myself to stay indoors. (This works well with kids!)

12. I started my blog just over a year ago, and have found that it is excellent in making me really reflect on my life and what we do.

13. I'm quite a homebody. I would take a night at home alone over going out with friends, 9 times out of 10.

14. I love coffee in the morning, and have to stop myself sometimes because I'll drink it until I'm shaking.

15. I love to do laundry, but hate putting it away. I can't stand to see dirty clothes sitting around, but clean clothes will sit folded on the dresser for a week.

16. We are done having kids.

17. I love shopping at Wal-Mart, Target, etc. They are my happy place! (If I ever just need an hour alone, that is where I will usually go - grocery shopping is very therapeutic!)

18. My parents health isn't what it used to be, so I think of them often and try to see them every couple of weeks.

19. I'm obsessed with keeping my boys clean. These kids wash their hands every chance I can make them!

20. I don't go to church, but consider myself a Christian and pray often.

21. Christmas is my favorite holiday, but summer is my favorite season.

22. I'd like to think I'm sharp, but I can be quite an airhead at times.

23. I'm scared of ghosts and spiders. I shouldn't ever watch a horror movie. (I watched The Grudge once, and had nightmares for months!)

24. People who talk on their cell phones when they drive, annoy me - although I do it all the time.

25. Driving in bad weather terrifies the heck out of me!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Brotherly Love

Tyler decided to teach Connor how to golf this morning. Luckily I quickly grabbed the camera to capture the moment. It was so cute - he even explained how to keep your eye on the ball, and how to properly hold your hands....

Then, I snapped a picture of Tyler golfing. This scared me - even though Kyle assured me that the TV is fully insured - I am not planning on replacing it anytime soon!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Our tough little boy

Right after we got home.

I cannot say how well Connor did after his surgery today. We were a bit scared after we talked to the doctor - because he was worried. He said his ears were a mess, and had to actually patch a hole in his eardrum in his right ear, and create a new hole for the new tube. His adenoids and tonsils were so big, that he had to cauterize more than he would've liked in order to prevent blood loss.

After surgery, they brought him back to us. There is no feeling to describe what happens to you when you see your little boy, your baby, being brought back to you asleep, drooling dark red, because he won't swallow. Then holding this little boy in your arms as he sleeps off his anesthesia for a couple of hours.

Connor woke up around 3:30, and immediately started drinking. The doctor thought we were going to have to give him liquids in a syringe because he wasn't sure when he would drink again. Connor even attempted to eat a couple bites of applesauce they gave us at the hospital.

By the time we arrived home, Connor had downed about 8 ounces of juice. He walked to the fridge and got himself a yogurt, and after that, enjoyed the following:

  • Three packs of apple & cinnamon oatmeal
  • A handful of blueberries
  • A bite of ice cream
  • Part of my dinner role
  • A few bites of my pulled pork
  • About 10 bites of a mashed up baked potato

After we finished dinner, he walked to the pantry and brought me the squeeze cheese. He wanted crackers and cheese, which I talked him out of by distracting him.

He's asleep in bed now, and we have to wake him every 4 hours to give him Tylenol - or else we'll be in trouble (the doctor assured us).

I'm sure we have a long recovery ahead, but this little boy is such a trooper!

Eating about 5 minutes after being home. He brought us this yougurt himself.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

This is your kid on crack....

Oh, I mean, pacifiers...

Seriously, though, I am not looking forward to getting rid of the pacifier. Tyler never took one (and believe me - we tried! That kid needing something!), and Connor has become more and more "hooked" on them, the older he gets. We try to hid them all, and he'll find them. He's even found that he can use certain words, in place of others, so he can talk with the pacifier in his mouth. He's growing up to be such a man - because his favorite word is "uh-uh". This means, "no", when you have a pacifier in your mouth.
And this poor little guy has to have tubes put in his ears and his adenoids & tonsils removed on Friday. Kyle took him to the Ears, Nose & Throat doctor today because after his ear infection of last week, his right ear hasn't stopped oozing green stuff. It's totally disgusting, and reminds me of a scene in Ghostbusters II.
The ENT told Kyle he should get this done, and sooner the better (of course, he probably has another kid he needs to put through college!), but he did say his tonsils were a "stage 4" or "category 4", or something like that. I have no idea what that means - but in hurricane language that is pretty bad. He did say that his tonsils are touching in the back of his throat, which is what is likely causing him the restless sleep at night (it's been like having a newborn home again the last 2 weeks), and his ears as well. The antibiotics this time didn't even fight the infection.
So, off to Mercy Hospital again this Friday - they should probably just reserve a room for us there, as this will be our 5th surgery with these kids. All in those darn ears, adenoids and throat. At least, after this is over, hopefully we'll have our healthy and happy, Connor back!
Then we'll work on getting rid of the crack!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

The Mike Dance

We have the most awesome neighbors down the street, Mike and Vicki. After meeting them, I quickly learned that Mike is not only 40-something years old, but a 8 year old boy, in a 40-something year old body.

He is hilarious with the kids. He and Tyler started this dancing thing last year - it was their "thing". Mike and Tyler would dance around the room like total maniacs, jumping up and down and waving their arms - busting a gut laughing.

Mike leaves for work every Saturday morning to head to the car dealership around 7:45am. Since we are up at that time (and have usually had breakfast, a snack, a pot of coffee, done a load of laundry, etc.), the boys started watching Mike leave.

As Mike opens the garage and backs out - they get so excited! He starts to head down the street to leave, and a few months ago, he began a routine where he would stop the car, and get out and dance.

The boys LIVE for this every Saturday morning. I have pictures of them standing at the door watching. They watch him from the back door and he dances. Then they run to the front window, and he does another dance out front.

I'm pretty sure the neighbors think he is totally insane (which is sort-of true!), but the boys LOVE THIS!

Thanks Mike! You make our Saturday mornings! (I got pictures of the dance yesterday, and was laughing so hard, I could hardly hold the camera!)