Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Things I will do when I graduate

Although the last year and a half has gone fast, I simply cannot wait to be done with school.  Our last day of class is on May 6th, and on May 13th I will once again, walk across a stage and receive a diploma.  I am so excited and proud of that, but as I was sitting here tonight, procrastinating a final that I have to do, I just got to thinking.

Here are some things I want on my "Bucket List" for this summer, after I graduate.  Just to have the weight of school off my shoulders will be total freedom, so I want to make sure I remember, and savor every minute of it.

So.... This summer, I will:
  1. Not procrastinate any more papers/assignments/finals, etc.  =)
  2. Not rush the kids to bed because I have stupid paper/assignment/final to do.
  3. I will look in the mirror every morning, and remember that I did it, and how much I was looking forward to being "done".
  4. I will exercise regularly - meaning more than 4 times per week.  When we started the program they warned us that we will gain about 10 pounds.  They were right.
  5. We will take a family vacation that is farther than the nearby lake.
  6. I will lay in the grass in June, when it is the softest, and look at the sky and just.....think.
  7. I will clean out my bedroom corner that has been collecting junk for years. 
  8. I will have breakfast with my parents at least once a month, and visit them at their house at least once a month too.  (We LOVE to meet for breakfast at the Machine Shed in Davenport.  It's nearly a halfway point for us, and their food is so awesome, I literally won't eat the rest of the day after having breakfast there.)
  9. I will go visit my sister and spend a couple days with her, just her and I.  We need to reconnect and just hang out, and rediscover who WE are.
  10. I will smile more.
Hold me to these.  I'm going to enjoy my family this summer like never before.