Sunday, October 31, 2010

My Favorite Part of Halloween

So we carved pumpkins.  It was fun, but that meant that mommy and daddy did most of the carving since it involved knives and intricate pictures.  It was still fun, and the owl and scary guy turned out pretty good...

 The Owl (made by yours truly, at Connor's request)

 The super scary guy (made by Kyle at Tyler's request)

 Then on Halloween we had a couple of real scary guys in our house.  One was Batman!

 And a hunter.  What is funny is that Tyler puts on this outfit at least once a weekend, so the neighbors have seen him in this at least every weekend for the last year.  So, this time we added face paint to at least make it a little different. 
 And then the Trick Or Treating started.  I took this picture from our front door.  Tyler and Connor with our neighbor, Joe, the penguin.  I'm not sure where Tyler picked up the branch, but it complemented the outfit well!
And then after trick or treating we lit candles in the house....

And we lit a fire.....

 And then had a 3-year-old that ate too much candy.  He also didn't nap today because he was so excited for tonight.  Connor on no sleep and too much sugar = a mess.   Poor guy.  This picture still just cracks me up though - it totally explains the moment.
And then Connor took a bath, got on his jammies, and with Daddy and Tyler still outside, we sat on the couch and watched a movie.  At one point, he grabbed my hand.  I'm not sure if he knew what he was doing, but I'm just glad my camera was still next to me from taking the other picture above earlier.  So I took a picture of this.  Connor giving me some of his Connor love.  It was awesome.  His hand took mine, and he grabbed every single one of my fingers.  He sat there and his breath started to get deep and heavy as he got more and more tired.  I love it when that happens.  Just totally relaxed, all in like 5 minutes.  

And it was my favorite part of Halloween so far....

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Fieldtrip with Daddy

Connor's class at daycare took a trip to Bloomsbury Farm a week ago, and based on the pictures, they had a blast!  I really commend Kyle for going on a fieldtrip with 17 three-year-olds.  I think he had as much fun as they did though.  When I got home, there were 114 pictures he had taken on the camera.  Holy cow - and they call me "Wang"!

Here are some of the ones I like the best.  It looks like it was a great trip!

 Connor's bus full of friends!  I especially like how they put them all in bright, matching t-shirts for field trips.  Makes it A LOT easier to find (and keep an eye on) all the kids!

 Now THAT is a happy smile!  He's so excited!

 Connor on the huge jumping pillow!  This is the perfect toy for a bunch of 3 year olds!

 I wondered what they were all looking at, and realized that is a GINORMOUS pig! 

 Connor and Daddy going on the tractor ride.

 Connor and his best buddy, Teagan.  (That's a good grip, Connor!  Hope Teagan could breathe!)

 They also have a play house for little kids.  They had a blast in here!
 The entire Frog Hollow class of 3 year olds.  That is 17 in all.  Kyle said every single one of them fell asleep on the way home.  I wonder if the parents did too???

Thursday, October 21, 2010

I'm sensing a trend

I'll let you be the judge....  I think it's cute...

I think he's been growing through a growth spurt lately.  (Tyler that is, not Kyle).  He's been eating everything he can find, and sleeping A LOT.  I especially know when he's growing a lot because I need to cut his fingernails every week.

Taking pictures like this and watching him sleep reminds me of when he was a baby.  I took all sorts of pictures when he was sleeping, because it was so rare, and he looked so cute.  I think the "looking cute" part is still the case.  He's growing up so fast...

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Sunday in the Park

I went crazy with the camera this weekend.  Well, every weekend I go crazy with the camera, but especially so this weekend.  The trees have really began to turn their beautiful colors, and I love to get pictures of the boys while outside in the beautiful fall colors.  Maybe it is the trees, or maybe it is their hazel, or brown, or green eyes (depending on the light, what they are wearing and the background), which just amaze me to no end.

This weekend didn't disappoint me.  We had a great time, but I'll let you be the judge...

 This picture just smells of trouble...
 My favorite smile!

 I love this one. 

 I didn't like this picture at first, but then I realized the reason I didn't like it, is because Tyler looks so big here.  I think he looks 12, not 6.  I refuse to accept the fact that my little boy, is growing up...

 Brothers having a blast together.
The very serious Tyler.  He often gives me these looks.  There is so much meaning, to me, behind them...

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Both kids are napping...

And since I don't remember the last time that happened and I actually chose to sit down instead of running around the house trying to get things done, I decided to catch up on this.. my "journal".

Lots of random things happening around the house lately.  Here are a few of them, in pictures...

 We built a shed in our backyard.  And by "we" I mean Kyle and the guys/boys of the neighborhood.  This includes anyone else that we could recruit.  We did our best to keep the child labor laws in mind, and didn't pay the younger kids for anything they might've done to help.  We at one time though, had a 15 year old doing the roof.  He did a great job, seriously.  I was surprised!
 Our backyard looked like Menards threw up, for about a week.  Now it's 99% finished, and just needs paint, and sorry I don't have a finished picture of it.  Once it has paint, I'll post that too. 

 Someone had a 6th birthday.  This was our own little birthday party we had at home.  He loved it!

Tyler opening presents in the kitchen.  It was like Christmas - and had so much fun!
 We went to the University of Iowa Homecoming Parade on Friday night.  I attempted many times to get cute pictures of the boys, and this is the best I got, seriously.  The boys had a blast, and got tons of candy, toys, tattoos, and junk that they don't need.  They loved it!

 Another failed attempted while walking to the car.  Yes, that is a Branstad for Govoner sticker on the back of Connor's shirt. 

 So, if I can't get a picture of the boys, I will take a picture of the beautiful Old Capital.  While walking back to the car it was so beautiful, I couldn't help but take like 15 pictures.  The sky was perfect, and it was just, well, perfect.
Come all alums of Iowa and blend your voices true
Sing praises to our Alma Mater as good Hawkeyes do
We'll keep within our hearts a fire to magnify her fame
Bring credit to these noble halls where glory and honor reign
The day is near when comrades here will bid farewell and part
But each Hawkeye carries on, thy spirit in his heart
Oh, Iowa, Iowa, we drink a toast to you.
We pledge our everlasting love 
to dear old Iowa U.
Alma Mater Iowa.........
(by memory - compliments of the U of I Marching Band.  We used to have to sing this song while standing in the tunnel before every game entrance.  Very good memories...)