Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Catching up

So I haven't been able to post here as often as I had wanted after school was finished, so I'm going to do a little catching up tonight. 

My favorite story from recent is of Connor.  We've had thunderstorm after thunderstorm after thunderstorm come through our area.  Even as I look out the window right now I can see the gray clouds getting bigger in the west, which means we're usually in for another one.  I think we have had a thunderstorm nearly every other night for weeks.  It's been crazy.

One night I put the kids to bed, and Connor was having one of his nights where he just didn't quite want to go to sleep.  He has those frequently just because he doesn't quite need as much sleep as Tyler.  That's okay.  He usually just sits in there and sings to himself.  It's darling.

One night during a horrible thunderstorm, I thought for sure the storm was keeping him up so I walked in there and asked if he wanted me to lay with him (which I LOVE by the way, so I will gladly give in!), and he said "sure".

I got in bed with him and just pulled the covers over me.  Connor then reached over and put his arms around me and said "It's okay Mom, I got 'cha."  I'm pretty sure he thought he was comforting ME during the storm.  In true Connor fashion, he stepped up to it and came in to provide comfort.  He then proceeded to lay there and trace his finger over my face, which just makes me melt.  I swear he was (sometimes) put on this earth to comfort me, calm me down, and just de-stress me. 


And then there's my new child, Tyler.  On his medication he has done nearly a 180.  I say "nearly" because I think we still have some tweaking to do (based on my observations, and his current teacher's), but he is just, different.  I can't really explain it to people except to say that when I look in his eyes, there is something different there.  I think that "different" is him.  He's always been there, but just so distracted.  By getting him to focus it's just amazing to see how he looks so deep within your eyes, with an intensity that just pierces your soul.  I love it.  Our conversations have just been amazing, even though it's usually about ghosts or Big Foot, which seem to be on the top of his mind right now.

Big Foot and ghosts.... it kind of cracks me up.  This kid has the same quest for the supernatural that his mom does.  We're having fun with it, and he LOVES it!  There's a new show on Animal Planet called "Finding Bigfoot" where these people are actually out hunting for him in North Carolina.  He watches it just like I used to watch the X-Files.  Too funny.

We're all thoroughly enjoying me being done with school.  Especially me.  I didn't realize just how much I was missing......

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